Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ingeborg Pedersdatter Megrund

Ingeborg Pedersdatter, Peder Thorsen's mother, was born on Megrund in Espedalen 14 March 1829. Her parents were Peder Olsen Børde and Marit Olsdatter Espedalen, and she was the youngest of 8 children (four girls and four boys). Megrund was (and still is) a small farm in Espedalen, a valley in the county of Oppland, Norway. Ingeborg was christened in Gausdal church on 19 April 1829, and confirmed 15 June 1844. At this time, nickel quarrying was an important industry in the valley and the prospect of work in the the quarries brought many young men from other parts of the country to Espedalen. Four of these were quartered on the Megrund farm. The inevitable happened: all four Megrund-sisters were married to young quarry-workers. Ingeborg, the youngest, fell for a young man from Lesja, Thor Knudsen Løftingsbakken, and they were married 6 September 1851, shortly after the birth of their eldest son Knut (see my previous blog on Knut Thorsen).

Ingeborg and Thor lived on Megrund while Thor worked in the quarries, and their children Knut, Marith, Peder and Anton were all born there. The quarries closed down in 1857 and Thor had to find other work. The quarry owners were also involved with the inron quarries on Langøy near Kragerø on the south coast and could provide work there. In the early 1860's (probably in 1864) the whole family left for a new life on an island in the south of Norway. They were not alone - many of the quarry workers in Espedalen also settled on Langøy (including another great great grandfather of mine - more about him later, perhaps!). The family settled on a tiny farm, Høymyr (or Himmyr), on Langøy and their last two children Ole and Anne Marie were born here.

Thor died in 1886, and Ingeborg lived on as a widow on Langøy until her death 20 December 1905. By that time, three of her children had settled in USA.

The photo of Ingeborg was sent to me by my relatives in the US, descendants of her daughter Marith. The family resemblance is quite remarkable.


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  2. Thanks for the info on Ingeborg Pedersdatter Megrund. Her father is my 4th generation grandfather.I'm hoping to find more family photos.